High quality marble, artisan workmanship

Valdera has long standing experience in working with marble, always using only premium quality marbles and stones selected from the best quarries. Valdera was established by Luciano and Silvano Lenzi in 1970 and has now expanded to include the input of the next generation and collaboration with Italian designers such as Giogio Soressi.

High quality marble, artisan workmanship and Italian design combine to realize unique products which never go out of fashion. Valdera's tables are realized entirely from design to packaging in Valdera's factory in the Tuscany hills between Pisa and Florence. The factory is only a few kilometres from two of the most important Italian quarries, Carrara and Siena. As each stone is different, being a natural product with colour and patterning variations each item is unique. The simplicity of form and design of these original pieces lets the inherent beauty of the marble take centre stage and honours the wisdom and skill of generations of Italian craftsmanship.

If you have any special requirements please enquire in store as custom orders may be possible.

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