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Oliver B on how to stand out in the furniture business

Italy-based furniture company Oliver B has a staggering range of products in its arsenal, ranging from contemporary to rustic designs. Singapore Home Decor sat down with founder Oliver Buscher at the Milan fair, and picked his brains on what he thinks attributed to the success of his brand.

Oliver Bucher

Tell me about the new Novita collection?
We want to give our furniture a luxurious touch by adding gold or copper metal accents. When it comes to functionality, a sideboard has to work as a sideboard at the end, and you have to make sideboards which you can sell. But design wise, there's no limit. So you need to find a good mixture between commercial design and artistic design. Don’t lean out the window too much — just lean out a little bit. This is what we do, and we have success!

Arco sideboard in walnut and gold

Side table made with silver and copper leaf

How important is it to have control over how the products are made?
Because we produce all the pieces ourselves in a factory in Verona, our customers can decide the exact height, width, or length of our designs. And they can have their unique furniture either in, walnut, oak, or Briccola wood from Venice.

Thin table

What is one design in the Novita collection that you're exceptionally proud of?
We think that glass ceramic is the next big thing. Everybody loves it because it's very thin, but it's also almost as fragile as glass. We already have about 100 different ceramic table top possibilities, but we're just starting with 3 variations for the Thin table. We also chose a textural ceramic material so that it comes closer to nature.

What do you hope to bring into the design world?
We bring out new collections every three months because I try very hard to be as close to the fashion world as possible. I know it's crazy. But we want to be different. When people go into a furniture shop, they want to see new things. They’re used to the speed of fashion brands, so everytime they pass by a store window, there has to be new stuff inside. it’s the speed of our modern world.

Agio sofa in vintage blue leather upholstery


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New leathers now available from Saporini of Italy

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