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Luxemburg Coffee Table

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The Luxemburg coffee table has a solid oak top with beautiful a 'butterfly' shaped insert, which creates a subtle and unexpected design feature. Distressed wood is contrasted by a contemporary brushed stainless steel base.

This range is made from solid wild grained oak – chosen and hand carved to highlight grain variation to create a natural and relaxed look. The reality is though that solid timber is alive and will move and minor ‘shakes’ and distortions are to be expected. All timbers are dried to a strict moisture level – but each environment is different and timber will lose or gain moisture and move accordingly. This is area dependant (Central Otago is very dry and timbers move a lot) and each home differs (heated or closed up environments will cause major swings in humidity levels).

Make peace with the imperfections that may occur when everyone does everything right. Wood is a most wonderful and sacred of materials because it was living. But because it was living, elements of "personality," unpredictability, and surprise remain. Enjoy your furniture. Use it. Relax.

Also available is a recommended care and maintenance kit that provides specifically coloured oils to ‘feed’ the timber and, when used with the included pad, will help remove accidental scratches.

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Luxemburg Rect Coffee Table Solid Oak w Brushed S.S Base 1200W X 700D X 470H Product code: CTQR10C1_CTQR10C1_01

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