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Demetra Recliner Sofa

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The DEMETRA Suite by Cubo Rosso of Italy has a modern, geometric shape with angled legs, a deep seat and wide arms. Adjustable headrests and a recliner seat means you get both maximum comfort and style. Available as an electric recliner or push-back recliner. 

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DEMETRA 3Str Elec Recl Cat.Natural 4011 Cuoio Wenge Feet 2500W x 1100D x 780(1020)H Product code: SCR-DEME_N03
DEMETRA 3EE Light Grey Softtouch 50107 Cod.168 + Cod.169 Product code: SCR-DEME_Y08
DEMETRA 3Seater Quebec Col.64 Grey Cod.126+128 Product code: SCR-DEME_M02
DEMETRA 2Seater Quebec Col.64 Grey Cod.121 + Cod.123 Product code: SCR-DEME_M01