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Fyra Dining Table

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The FYRA dining table by Alf da Frè of Italy, features sophisticated geometry and intervals between the elements that make the composition very expressive. The tabletop is defined by a line that is a mixture of half straight and half curvilinear. It's divided into four quarters - creating a typical design from traditional carpentry with the wood grain. An iron plate connects and, at the same time, visually separates the top from the four legs - which have an irregular conical cross-section, rounder at the base, and more oval at the top end. FYRA is available in natural oak fashion wood and two different sizes. 

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FYRA 240 Dining Table Natural Oak Fashion Wood 2400W x 1045D x 754H Product code: DTFYRA_NO01
FYRA 280 Dining Table Natural Oak Fashion Wood 2785W x 1045D x 754H Product code: DTFYRA_NO02

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